Title Roma 1911 e la disfida dei Cinquantenari
English Title Rome in 1911 and the Challenge of the “Fiftieth Anniversaries” of Italian Unification
Author(s) Tedesco, Luca
Journal Storicamente
Volume Number 7
Year 2011
Article Number 35
Published 2011/10/05
Abstract Official celebrations of the proclamation of the Italian Unification and Rome as the capital of the Kingdom were held in Rome in March 1911 and took place in a not very heated atmosphere. Nevertheless, in addition to these celebrations we are witnessing a proliferation of unofficial initiatives that reveal the "quarrelsome rivalry" between ideological visions of the nation and its duties incompatible with each other and even of economic disputes and grievances. The papers of the Cabinet of the Mayor, discussed in the essay, show how, as opposed to institutional and "bourgeois" celebrations, socialist and popular, anti-monarchist and anti-clericals ones marched on the stage of the capital and how, behind the scenes, the Mayor drew criticism from the class of employees, economically discontented, even though it supported him politically.
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Document type Editorial material
Language Italian
Keywords History of Italy, Italian Unification, Rome, Ernesto Nathan
Reprint Address Univ. Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Studi dei Processi Formativi, Culturali e Interculturali nella Società contemporanea, Via Manin, 53, I-00185, Roma, Italy
Publisher Archetipolibri
ISSN 1825-411X
DOI 10.1473/stor116
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