Maria Pia Casalena e Clizia Magoni
The History of Risorgimento on Internet
Websites and online Sources


John Bonnett
Pouring New Wine into an Old Discipline: Using 3D to Teach and Represent the Past
Historians today operate in a communication environment that is evolving as never before. New platforms, such as Augmented Reality, and new instruments of representation, primarily 3D objects, are emerging as constituents of computer-mediated communication

Margaret Conrad
The Atlantic Canada Portal
A bilingual, multilayered website, the Atlantic Canada Portal is designed to explore the use of communication technology to support research related to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Launched in the summer of 2004, the Portal is a collaborative effort of the Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies and the Electronic Text Centre, both based at the University of New Brunswick.

Flavia Bruni
The electronic edition of a manuscript: the XML model

Maria Chiara Liguori
Virtual Reality serving historical communication : The Certosa of Bologna Electronic Museum Project


A review by Laura Berti Ceroni
A selected repertoire of digital resources of Latin writing and manuscript production history in the Middle Ages

Laura Berti Ceroni
Diffusione ed utilizzo dei Geographical Information System nelle discipline umanistiche: prima indagine.

Università degli Studi di Bologna e ArchetipoLibri
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