Garibaldi e l’epopea garibaldina nel cinema muto italiano. Dalle origini alla I guerra mondiale

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Garibaldi and the Representation of Garibaldi in italian silent Cinema: from its Beginning to the World War One


Lasi, Giovanni


Journal Storicamente
Volume Number 7-2011
Article Number 16
Published 2011-03-04
Abstract The first film producted by an italian studio was "La presa di Roma - 20 settembre 1870" (Albertini & Santoni, 1905) and the Italian Risorgimento will continue to be one of the most favoured subjects of italian cinematography. In the period of silent screen films, between 1905 and 1927, aproximately 60 films were produced in Italy concerning the Risorgimento, of which at least 30 were regarding Garibaldi and his epic actions. Even in the cinema, Garibaldi continued to be the most representative and emblematic figure of the Risorgimento, and his popularity is often exploited in misleading ways by the figures of power during the first decades of the twentieth century to ideologize the figure of Garibaldi, still through cinema.
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Language Italian
Keywords Italian Cinema; Italian Risorgimento; Garibaldi; 19th-20th Century
Reprint Address Univ. Bologna, Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo (MUSPE), via Barberia 4, Bologna, I–40123, Italy
E-mail giovanni.lasi@tin.it
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ISSN 1825-411X
DOI 10.1473/stor101
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